Four stages of competence

I still remember when I started learning  guitar, I struggle a lot. Unlike my friends, they pick up the skill in a such an easy way, they just need to do some google+ing and youtube+ing and bingo, they just know how to play.

Due to my persistent temperament, I have this die die must master it mentality, in the end, I spend hundreds of dollars to went for guitar courses, to discover what I don’t know, I don’t know.

Then, I realized in the process to master a skill, there is this four stages of learning/competence.

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The Key Things On Forex That You Must Know: Forex Correlation and Forex Triad

Correlations play a BIG role in trading, and in Forex trading especially. As Forex traders, we trade international currencies from different countries from all around the world. Currencies are issued by central banks and are used for international trade, investing and to control economies. The value of a currency has a direct impact on an economy, the outlook for a country, commodities, stock markets and the spending behavior of people. At the same time, currencies are influenced by many different factors such as inflation, interest rates, employment and many more.

In this article, I will explain what correlations are, how to use them and which ones to pay attention to in particular.

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The 11 Trading Rules And Principles Of A Market Wizard – Marty Schwartz

My first trading book is Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street’s Champion Trader by Marty Schwartz. He is one of my favorite trader from the Market Wizards book . There are 11 of his personal trading rules and principles, which I also use to some degree in my own trading, that could help other traders improve their own trading and provide some insights how a professional trader approaches trading. So let us examine what are these 11 rules.

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