Alternative way to earn 13.9 million aside from winning the jackpot from Toto?

So today 19 Feb is the day where 13.9 million jackpot is announced by Singapore Pool.

As usual, after checked the result, the result will always…disappoint you. I guess Monday is another day to go to work. With improvement of trading skill, the excitement from expecting you win the Toto will getting dimmer as we see how probability work…to be exact, our winning trade highly depend on probability and we understand the relationship between probability setup and reward result.

Toto kind of probability not really something professional traders would spend a little money or effort to pursuit it. Well, I am not fully professional yet (ok..give myself some excuse as I still buying it). But ya, I can sense the excitement is fading away not like previous year which I have high expectation, guess this is what high probability trading have turned me into. To be honest, during the result announced, I on the result website since 8.30pm but I am doing researching and strategy planning for my trading for that night at US market and following week for SG market. Also, writing my trading journal. Without aware that the time has passed the result announced date at the website on 9.30pm (by the time i checked the result is already 10pm, server traffic jam!)

Guess luck dependencies is slowly swap away with effort putting to earn the real reward.

But then, 13.9 million? Is it possible for us to earn that much of amount of money without existence of luck? So i come out with the chart as below,


If we start with 10k capital for investment and have constant  average of 20% +/- investment return, with add on of capital for every year ( capital add on that year = amount of capital add on last year + 5k), for 20th years onward, the add on capital is increase to 10k (capital add on that year = amount of capital add on last year + 10k). If we see from the chart above, by 24th year we are able to generate close to 13.24 mil! Which is pretty close to 13.9 mil!

That is to say, it is possible with proper investment planning, we are able to gain a such decent capital gain, more than 10 million is possible with starting as little as 10k! Of course it isn’t an easy feat but is something possible to be done with power of compounding and systematic investment execution.

What do you think, what other ways do you have aside from winning ToTo Jackpot to gain 13.9 mil? Feel free to share. 🙂

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