Penguin Parade – The bull and bear market fight

Today at Penguin Parade I witness something interesting, where at the beach the skuas are waiting the penguins squad to alight from the ocean.

For two hours, there are only few penguins alight to the beach while normally more than 30,000 of them should alight at once to the beach. The skuas are creating a formation and wandering around the beach and anticipate the penguins.

This make me thought of recently what happened in the stock market. Where S&P 500 plunge to 2000 area (future to 1989 area) and undergo rapid recovery which most traders believe are the intervention artwork from the central banks. Those big players and hedge funds are like the penguins while the central banks are the skuas. This era the stock market is not as simple like the past as the authorities know the trick of those big players.

How can the penguins alight the beach then. The spectator places are full of people who would like to witness the arrival of penguins. Unfortunately, after two hours with cold atmosphere, people are starting to leave. The spectators are like the traders who want to join the short selling but disappointing by the outcome of the market where such condition didn’t happen.

So guess what is the ending? When we on our way back home, we saw the penguins already at their cave. 🙂

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