Korea Trip First Chapter – Jeju

First of all, you may wonder how come a trading blog now also got travelling stuff. You may be puzzled now but trust me, once you read finish this post you will have a better clue why i will start writing travelling stuff 🙂

Since small, I have this belief, not sure how i get there but the belief sound something like this, that when we are born, part of us are being split to different places. Every-time we step to a new place, a new country we found a piece of us. I found resonance in this belief  when I step on my first oversea country, just across a bridge (I am not a Johorian by the way, just a saying) Singapore, 8 years ago for my Poly education. It complete a piece of me.

From Singapore, then I have the opportunity to travel to other country like Cambodia for community service, then work two part time jobs during uni to go to Japan, then Thailand (Phuket, Bangkok), Indonesia (Yogjakarta, Batam) after that for my graduation trip Taiwan…then recently Australia and Korea.

Every single time I travel to a new country it give me a new experience, learn new stuff, found a new piece of me. Travelling has became my teacher in life.

But why only now I start to write travel blog post, like seriously why only now. Perhaps maybe i am on my own venture now and have the flexibility to write a blog post in a beautiful Friday morning where i normally working for other people and can’t wait 6pm to reach or someday I have to standby after Friday working day to work on IT support until Monday morning. So if you ask me, what is Friday last time, not really a TGIF for me but that has passed, at least now 😀

So back to the story, cut straight to the point, I went to South Korea last week, among all other Asia countries, the most NO FEEL to go one…because I don’t really know what to expect in South Korea. I am not really a K-pop or any K fans, Hmm…Maybe pretty Korean girl…but still don’t really know much to expect, still I don’t really know much of South Korea.

That’s why it turn out it become a huge contrast and impact on my travelling journey. Lots of things that I learn from their culture and history and motivate me to write this few posts on South Korea travelling as a theme. The whole journey consist of Jeju, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon and finally Seoul with starting point of Incheon.

For this first post I will be talking about Jeju.


Jejudo (also known as Jeju Island) is the largest island off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, and the main island of Jeju Province of South Korea. The island lies in the Korea Strait, southwest of South Jeolla Province. The island contains the natural World Heritage Site Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes. Jejudo has a temperate climate; even in winter, the temperature rarely falls below 0 °C (32 °F).

–From Wikipedia

When you fly to Jeju via Seoul-Jeju City air route, you will encounter a fierce turbulence before you reaching Jeju airport. Sometime if you are unfortunate, your aircraft will be flying in a circlular motion around Jeju island for 1 to 2 hours before landing. If it get worse, your aircraft might need to fly back to Seoul airport due to run out of Aviation fuel. There are more than 200 planes landing in Jeju every single hour. Jeju international airport is also second largest airport in South Korea. Fun fact, China visitors don’t need visa to visit Jeju (the only exception place that no need Visa in South Korea to entry)

Once you are there, there are a lot of things that you can do. First item will be you might want to visit their teddy bear museum. Haha!


**Photos from online as I didn’t take the front museum photo

**My own photos from below onward

Although it is a teddy bear museum but it is just not only teddy bears but more like doll safari, lots of different kind of animals in there.




Cute bear looking at you


When you take a step down you see that bear that looking at you is a tall bear


Some other photos:

**That funny bear that lies down is Apollo (greek mythology ), guess he is having Saturday blue don’t feel like working (visiting that place on Saturday)

Also, you can visit Jeju Kimnyong Maze Park.





You can also travel to Udo island, also known as cow island. What famous there is trekking hill, twin beaches,  the isand famous black beach and white beach.

Situated off the eastern coast of Jeju Island, Udo Island was named because it resembles a lying cow. It boasts fertile soil, abundant schools of fish, and scenic sights; local heritages (female divers, stone walls, and stone tombs) as well as natural attractions abound on the island, making it a miniature of Jeju Island. The island is also full of amenities and tourism outlets: fishing, bike trails, sand massages, submarine tours and cruises.

Seobin Baeksa (a white beach designated Natural Monument No. 438) has appeared regularly in films and TV commercials thanks to its breathtaking white sand and emerald sea. The sea around the beach showcases different colors depending on the water level. This makes Seobin Baeksa one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jeju-do, along with Hallasan Mountain. Standing on Udobong Peak (132.5m), the highest spot on the island, is a lighthouse surrounded by a spacious park. The peak offers outstanding overlooks of the island at a glance.

To protect the exquisite nature and promote maritime tourism, Bukjeju County designated two ports on the island (Udo Port and Haumokdong Port) and the sea surrounding it (25,863㎢) as Udo Maritime Park in January 2001. Visitors can appreciate maritime tourism at its best including a trip under the sea by submarine.





Udo island20160911_092417.jpg

the black beach:



Trekking hill:



And you go up,








To the Top! Udobong Peak!


A bigger view,






After climbing, reward yourself with their signature ice cream,

They say you will regret in your life if you didn’t try this, if you try this you will regret a while (just kidding, it is delicious)



White Beach (Seobin Baeksa):



Haenyeo- 海女

How they start this career is due to a sad story. A century ago, Jeju male population drop to an extent their female population comprise of 70% of their population while male only consist of 30%. This is due to a lot of male die when they went for fishing. When it left only woman to take care their children, they earn their living through diving, only wearing cotton swimsuits, haenyeo could only stay in the water for up to an hour at a time during the winter months. After an hour, they got out of the water and sat by the fire for 3–4 hours to dry off. After this break, they would jump back into the water for another hour. During the summer months, however, they stayed in the water for up to 3 hours at a time before a break.With the introduction of wetsuits, haenyeo found they could stay in the water for five to six hours at a time, even during the winter.

With each dive, haenyeo plunge up to 30 meters deep and can hold their breath for over three minutes.Their harvests consist of abalone, conch, octopus, sea urchins, sea squirt, brown alga, top shell, a variety of sargassum, oysters, sea slugs etc. The divers must contend with dangers such as jellyfish, poor weather and sharks.


Then we visit also,

Jeju Folk Village Museum.

Where Dae Jang Geum filming took place last time…like long long time ago.


Tough life of lady at Jeju, they have to carry 20kg weight of water everyday from mountain and fill up on their house well





How their house look like for the past:

Stay close with each other, no fence, no door setting, strong sense of community.




Heavy influence by Confucius thinking from China and they still preserve well the culture. Last time when elders passed away, the eldest son of the family will have to stay near their parents cemetery or two years. Yeah, you see it right, two years. So what happen to him or his family as he need to accompany his parent deceased, he cannot earn his living? The community will take care of his family, everyone will contribute with what they can and help the family living. Such a united tribe.

At the place like below, the elder son perform his final duty as son. Everyone who pay visit to the deceased will scold him as a bad son, non filial piety. Legend say this is to make those ghost and demon who wandered that area feel happy and don’t follow them after they leave the place.


The place where the woman do their work and take care of their baby:


The tribe leader mansion:



How they accumulate water from rain


The lover protectors, rumor say if couple take picture with these two stones, they will never ever separate again in their life. But the key point is you have to take couple picture instead of your own selfie, if you take your own selfie without your couple…..oh.oh..


Very interesting to know that, they don’t really have fence, there are two such kind of rocks where you can put sticks. three sticks symbolize no one at home, two sticks symbolize husband or parents not at home (no full house lol), one stick symbolize we are away but I will be right back (but don’t know how long), no sticks mean everyone is at home.

How about four holes? With four holes, the top stick mean someone has passed away, funeral is taking place.

There are five holes also, where it symbolize the tribe leader house.

**disclaimer: information is provided with my best memory, i might be wrong in a certain degree


Overall is a nice place. Worth to visit:)


If you notice, they will be a lot of rocks in Jeju with the shape like below, it is build during Mongolian colonization Jeju time as a memorial for their ancestor and also as their protector god.

it is called, Dol hareubangs

Fun fact, in not long ago modern day, the people in Jeju if they want to have children especially male child, they will go and break the statues nose. So if u pay closer look, a lot of statues will have flat nose because destroy by those who believe in such belief until an extent the government has to create law enforcement to protect this heritage.

So now instead of break the statue nose, they will touch the nose instead if they want good fertility with abundance of children using left hand. Why left hand? This is because most of us our heart located at the left. If your heart is on right handside, feel free to touch with your right hand. If want to be smart, touch the protector stone ears, any ears. If want healthy, touch the protector stomach.

The local say don’t be greedy, please only choose one to touch. XD


For our meals,




One of the signature dish for Jeju is the bbq black pork


Another Signature dish for Jeju, Abalone. Their famous cuisine.



Abalone porridge too. To help those elders who have digestive issue, they will put the abalone organs (green colour, all the nutritious of abalalone located at), minced it and mix with porridge. Abalone is a special living organism where it need to have a hygiene place to survive and eat nutritious aquatic plant like seaweed. That’s why abalone is considered highly nutritious food for Jeju people.



Korea famous samgyetang dish. Fun fact, you should remove the red dates in the soup as it absorb chicken toxic after hours of boiling. Korean eat this dish in summer as a way to help them to repel body intoxicant using Chinese traditional herbal medicine way. As we tend to excrete toxic slower during summer time as our body regulate according to the hot temperature.

It is fascinating to see how Korea preserve the knowledge they gain from ancient china until today.


On top of that, there are a lot of cool drinks and food in Korea which has a story to tell behind it. But if you visit Korea, you should try the below drinks


What are these drink? Aloe vera drink where Korea quite famous of Aloe vera usage, like aloe vera mask where we will be talking about their cosmetic product in next post.

Their famous signature drink, banana milk drink. For Malaysian and Singaporean who have abundance of banana will feel what so special of this drink, we always eat banana what. The thing is for Korea, banana is a rare fruit and they super proud with their technology to develop banana milk drink and make it famous in international stage. The banana milk, produced in Gyeonggi Province, is 40 years old, and started during the time where, due to import restrictions, bananas were hard to find in Korea.

Heotgaecha! Another drink we should try in Korea. It help Korean for massive hangover, aside to digest alcohol, it help in our food digestion. This drink can make me write another article about how this drink come about and how it lead to one of their proudest nutrition food, the liver pill where it recognize by the international stage. Shall share more story for the next post.

Milkish. The milk soft drink, simply get famous due to Chow Yun Fat advertisement in Korea due to popular series, a better tomorrow 英雄本色.


Also, their probiotics drink where it is a god drink to solve constipation problem and make you healthy. The local super proud of this drink and their technology to level up their nutritious drink to such extent.

The local told me that Korea don’t have much natural resources just like Singpaore but what they have is skilled and technology and that is what make them one of the top nation in Asia Pacific. (also their eagerness in competition with Japan, that will be another story)


For next Korea trip articles, I will share with you more about some of the history that can be track back to Korea War. The story of a big MNC founder how he start his big company to nowadays with more than 1 million employees and the leading in automation for Korea market and the tragic death of few famous person and you will be surprised that how they are all linked.

Also, more of their top stuff like Ginseng, cosmetic products, not just a merely supplemnt but a functional nutritious item–liver pill. How i encounter their greatest earthquake to-date, how i manage to survive.  The story of Busan, what the real scene of train to Busan got their concept from..all shall be!! preview in the next post!

So have a great weekend ahead and wait for my next release. Muahaha. By now, I hope you can understand why i would like to share travelling stuff, because like trading, it empower our life by learning other country  culture and history. It make our life so enriching and refreshing.

Hope that you enjoy my article, if you are not, I am sorry you have to bear with me for a while, I have still much to share 😀

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