A Look Back At 2016: My Life as a Fulltime Independent Trader

It has been an exciting and challenging 6 months so far since I decided to quit my full-time job and turn into full time trading as my career.

I still remember this was like a dream for me when I just started my trading and investing journey. For a moment I thought I only able to do this when I am in my age of 50 or my retirement time, little did I know I am able to turn trading as my career in my mid of 20.

As a full time trader, it is much challenging especially your source of income is fully dependent on your trading return. I know some of the full time traders they have other income from their business or their other property rentals where they only need to generate 1-2% consistent profit every month and they can make ends meet.

For me I fully depend on my trading return and I really proud of myself to perform a great feat that able to consistently generate 10% mean monthly return.


*screenshot from myfxbook

I still remember I started with a 300 dollars capital and every-time i generate  positive return I will double my capital, triple my capital when my return over 13% per month and soon it turn to a size-able account that able to generate a decent return to turn my hobby into a career. I still remember when i started around Oct 2015, i undergo 5 months losing streak and lose around 500 dollars before my trading turn into profit consistently.

The time and effort that I putting in consistently review my trades, have a trading plan before I execute my entry to a trade, really help me improve my trading learning curve and my trading profitability. Aside from that, I spent almost 1,000 hours this year in reading trading and investing books, different news (although most of it are not that useful), articles from different traders and investors to give me different perspective and insight, including the time I do some analysis for my trading plan and writing my own trading journal. In 2016, I also publish a total of 126 articles for my AmazingTradingAcademy website.

Yup, trading is not an easy job. It required a lot of dedication and hardwork and sometime it takes time before you able to witness your hardwork come into fruition.

On trading screen time, most of the time i spend 16 hours a day to monitor market movement and execute trades. In a month, the highest trades number i can achieve can be 300 and more, minimum not less than 100. Sometime people around me saw me putting so much time in my this new career will pop out this golden question: like that how much you can make a month. When I just say erm like 3…or 4? Once in a while maybe able to earn more than 10. Then, their face will look puzzled, why bother to put yourselves in a such tough circumstances just to earn such a little income.

I still remember my first few trading months, I am only able to generate sufficient income to cover my rental and living expenses. Yes, this is the reality of full time trading, not some fancy course out there to sell 5 digits income every month dream.

However, I really enjoy what I am doing and I know that the profit is scalable when my trading capital grow. It is just like a business and It require patience to see your business grow.

The only downside as a full time independent trader is that, this is really a lonely journey. Most of the time you are working alone. There are no “company”. Just for 6 months I can started to feel that sometime it is quite depressing to work in such environment. So I guess that’s why some of the traders turn to forum and join some group to have some conversation and to feel alive again.

While 2016 is coming to an end soon. 2017 I believe will be an interesting and exciting year ahead. Aside to continue grow my trading skill, I am going to hone another skill in software development area. As my trading capital continue to grow, I am going to fine tune and scale down my risk.

As I always believe,

Trading is just like life, is not a sprint it’s a marathon

Moving forward in 2017, I would like to wish my subscribers and readers a Happy New Year and a great Rooster year ahead!



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