How to identify a trading edge & the realistic path of a trader

Every week,  Aaron Fifield will interview different traders to extract their best insight.

I will be sharing with my readers one of the best video by one of the well respected trader in traders circle- Adam Grimes.

If you are still struggling in your trading or you maybe already doing quite well in your trading, this insight will still help you in one or another way 🙂

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Less is More – 10 situations when not to trade

Hunting signals, looking for a cross on your Stochastic, waiting for the pinbar to finally print, hoping that the gap will close and anticipating that support will hold – this is trading. Wrong. The reason so many traders fail is because they are always trying to get in the next trade whereas all they should do is find reasons to trade less.

If you don’t believe us, just wait until you arrive at the end of this article and you will understand why trading less and knowing when not to trade is the skill the professional and profitable traders have perfected.

“Money is made by sitting, not trading.” – Jesse Livermore


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A Forex Trader’s Biggest Lesson For Life: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

It is Friday! Happy T.G.I.F everyone. It has been a while since i written any post as I just back from Korea trip and complete a crazy week after BOJ and FOMC annoucement, barely sleep for 4 hours everyday. Finally I can have some good rest too, hope you too 🙂

So this time I am going to share with you a good article from a trader where his first post appear in huffingtonpost. I can’t agree more with his stand in this post.

So let’s read! 🙂

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Trading = Gambling? How to eliminate the risk from your trading.

Although all trading disclaimers state that trading is risky, it doesn’t – or it shouldn’t – be too risky at all. What makes trading risky is the wrong execution, paired with a wrong mindset. The concept of risk in trading is often misunderstood and once we have completed our comparison between reckless trading – the way most amateurs trade – and controlled risk – the way trading should be – you will understand how to adjust your trading as well.

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A Day In The Life Of A Professional Trader

Have you ever wonder how’s life as a professional trader? A lot of people thought that traders are there to make lots of cash and have a Friday night with pretty ladies, sport car, great dinner and so on. Little do they know that, on Friday night (yesterday 26th Aug) when everyone is having T.G.I.F, happy partying or great dinner with their loved one, traders like us were sitting in front of our laptop and awaiting the lady that decide the market direction, Janet Yellen speech at Jackson Hole.

Below article is a great insight from my trader friend, who trades for living for almost 4 years. He will be sharing with us hows life of a professional day trader look like.

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Why Your Should Not Change your Trading Strategy Even After 10 Losing Trades

Have you ever undergo losing streak? Then, you start to wonder is it something wrong with your trading strategy and maybe there is a weakness in your trading strategy that lead to your losing streak.

So, you try to tweak your trading strategy, starting it look good…then..BUMP! Again, you face losing streak…5…then 10…and you was wondering what’s wrong with you and your trading strategy…

The article that I am going to share to you today might be helpful to you. Why despite losing 10 trades straight, you should still stick with your trading strategy.

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