FOREX 101 Appreciation Course

Amazing Trading Academy is a school of thoughts that shares Dynamic Investing Strategy and serve as a platform for enthusiastic young traders/investors to team up as one and achieve something incredible in the financial market mainly EFIC (Equities/Stock market, Forex, Indices and Commodities).

This 90 minutes online seminar is design to give brief introduction to Forex and market overview/Macro-economy with affordable double-digit fees. On top of that the seminar will cover also:

1) Types of brokers
2) The basics of Forex trading
3) The Differences And Nuances Of Time-Frames
4) The Skills And Character Traits A Trader Needs                                                                     5) Risk Management and Position Sizing
6) My Trading Journey with Myfxbook sharing
7) Some strategy sharing on my Forex and Commodities trading

More Details as follow :
Date : 28th October 2016
Time : 8pm to 9.30pm
Venue : Webinar
Registration Fees: 49.00USD/66.50SGD (Yes It’s that cheap, you never see wrongly)

Registration Link,

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**You can request for full refund after the webinar sharing session if you feel that the content didn’t bring you any benefits.