How I manage to break-even my 80% drawdown and trade for living

Sometime I will see new Forex traders a bit discourage perhaps they are still having drawdown after trading for few years. It seem not hard to understand, when i am new to Forex trading (I am still new by the way :D), I always see how people brag how much return they made (they talking about few hundred percent return a year). How people share their 5 digits profit screenshot and how they made Forex trading look like a no-brainer thing. This lead to newcomer to think like why other people do it like so easy but it is so hard when we are the one who doing it.

Also, some traders become skeptical after trading for years and wonder is it Forex is entirely a scam or is it a financial instrument that really can help us grow our wealth.

I totally understand that, their doubt, because once I am just like them. Please allow me to share my story on my Forex trading journey.

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